Memoflex Gel Makes the Difference

We put the Memoflex only where you need it, carefully adjusting its shape, position, durometer, and thickness, so it can provide the ultimate combination of comfort and optimum shock-absorption.

Craftsmanship meets innovation

All of our design and manufacturing is done in house. This gives us unparalleled ability to create innovative products that uphold the highest standards of handmade quality.

The difference is in the details

At Trico the details make all the difference. Compare our product to any big-name manufacture and you'll find better stitching, thicker padding and higher quality materials.

American made quality

All of our products are proudly produced in the USA. Trico is committed to upholding the highest standards of American made quality.


Painreliever Saddle Pads are an economical way to add comfort to your existing saddle, or upgrade an older saddle.

EZ Rider

The EZ Rider Saddle Pad is the original and most economical way to upgrade your existing saddle to ultimate comfort.