Trico's Legendary Iron Case
The ultra-strong Iron Case was designed and created to take the worry out of traveling with your bicycle – period! And it’s been providing worry-free bike travel for over 20 years. You can’t enjoy your biking plans if you don’t have the strongest, easiest-to-pack, and most-maneuverable bike carrier on this planet, and the Iron Case has the features and the longest track record to take the fretting out of your travel plans. Check it out.

Polycarbonate Triconium shell

Polycarbonate Triconium shells have highest possible strength/weight ratio for external protection.

Three layers of plush foam

Three layers of plush foam cocoon your bicycle for maximum internal protection.

Seven heavy-duty straps

Seven heavy-duty straps secure the case from accidental openings.

Recessed wheels

Pull-Strap and recessed wheels for ease in mobility.

Fully lockable

Adjustable Length locking clasp molded into shell for maximum security.

Molded handles

Four molded handles for ease in handling.

Expansion seal

Allows for different width requirements, unlike non-adjustable latch-style cases.

UPS ready

Designed to meet UPS shipping regulations.