Amara Gloves

Amara Memoflex Gel Gloves feature the rugged durability of its synthetic sport suede palm covering comfortable Memoflex Gel. Add a back constructed of equal areas of breathable Lycra and sweat-wicking Cotton Terry and you have one of the best all-around gloves made. Amaras keep the pain down and the comfort & style up.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Colors: Grey/Black w/ Grey Palm, Black w/ Grey Palm

All of our Handshock cycling gloves are created to provide the ultimate in comfort & safety: maximum shock absorption, vibration damping, and excellent ride feel. These three important features aid in eliminating numbness and injury to nerves, help you maintain control of the bars and, additionally, mitigate injury due to falls.

T+ Trico Sports Performance accomplishes this by strategically placing our exclusive Memoflex Gel under the best performing and most durable palm material we can find. We put the Memoflex only where you need it, carefully adjusting its shape, position, durometer, and thickness, so it can provide the ultimate combination of comfortable hand-grip and optimum shock-absorption. The result - a more enjoyable and safe ride. Whether you spin for hours on the road or pound the mountain singletrack, Handshocks will keep your mind off your hands and back on The Ride.

All three styles of Handshocks contain the same optimum thickness, durometer and placement of Memoflex Gel. T+ Handshocks come in three styles and price points, and 4 sizes to meet every cyclist’s needs. Crochet and amara Gloves each come in two color styles.