Trico Sports was founded in 1984 to meet the needs of cyclists who were not satisfied with the comfort level of their saddles. Since developing our first Memoflex Gel Saddle Pad, we have carved out a successful niche in the cycling industry, having added gel-lined shorts and gloves to our line. Success came naturally and quickly, as a large segment of the cycling population learned what we knew: you can actually be comfortable on your bicycle. The introduction of the Iron Case bicycle travel carrier carried our name further into other areas of cycling, like road racing and triathlon, and now the Iron Case is the standard for protection and value for bicycle travel.

Over the years Trico Sports has remained true to its core products and values: comfort, performance and innovation. By resisting the temptation to be ‘everything to everyone’ Trico has been able to consistently be the King of Comfort and ride out the whims of cycling trends. We believe that comfort will never go out of style. And as long as Trico Sports offers the most comfortable, long lasting, and well-styled cycling gear at a good value, we feel we will have customers for life.

For the future Trico Sports will continue to innovate and develop cycling products that make your ride more enjoyable. Our Research and Development guys are constantly prototyping and testing new ideas. You will be able to see these some of these new products on our website in the “News” section as they reach the last stages of development and reach the market.